Tips to Create Your Own Homemade Body Wash

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homemade body wash is growing more popular by the day because it is simple to make and you can save money on bath products. It is also quite flexible to accommodate your favorite body wash scents, individual skin types and sensitivity. There are numerous recipes available for making your own body wash. Here are a few basic steps.

For the soap base, many options are available for body wash. You can purchase a cheap bottle of unscented shampoo or liquid soap, convert solid soap bars into liquid soaps or make your own liquid soap from scratch. If the last alternative is more suitable, the ideal soap to make is castile soap. It contains 80 percent olive oil.

Another important element in body soap is water. This can either be distilled or tap water. Mix a half cup of water for every cup of liquid soap base to get the right consistency of body wash. Add three tablespoons of regular table salt to this mixture and stir until the soap gets frothy. This produces the basic body wash that can be used for any skin type.

When it comes to scents, there is no limit to the variety you can create with your own body wash. The ideal way to make the soap scented is by adding essential oils into the mixture, making sure that the oils are safe for the skin. Some of the most popular essential oils for soap include almond oil, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera. These are all known for their health benefits on the skin.

You can also have other scents according to preference, such as jasmine, rose, vanilla, lavender and peppermint. These scents can be substituted for the essential oils. You can purchase them at your local grocery or drug store. Only a few drops of these essential oils are necessary to make your own personal scented body wash.

For moisturizing properties in the body wash, add baby oil to the mixture. Choose baby oil that is made from all natural ingredients and stir some drops into the base liquid soap. Olive oil can also serve as a moisturizer in soap. You can add a few drops if you choose to use a liquid soap other than castile soap.

Remember that these basic ingredients are affordable and can last for several months. Purchase several types of essential oils and scents so you can have a wide variety of body washes. Some people have an all-time favorite scent like vanilla or lavender for their body products, while others enjoy using different scents. If this describes you, simply make a batch of base liquid soaps and add different essential oils before taking a bath. This will serve as an experiment for future production.

Keep the homemade body wash in a recycled shampoo bottle or plastic soap dispenser in your bathroom. Adapt your body wash to your skin type and preference. Enjoy your own mix of ingredients. Always shake the bottle well before use.

Haliyma Barrow regularly publishes articles with her journalism experiences originating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania's student newspaper. She loves to write articles about various health and beauty issues.

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